Little Nicky

Little Nicky is a 2 string “G D” bass guitar. Building a bass guitar presents different issues than a 6 string or 4 string. The strings are much longer and thicker. The tuners are different and of very unique dimensions. But it was very satisfying to complete this build.

Little Nicky presented a number of challenges and problems. It’s normal for problems to arise during a build. Measurements may be a little off. Brittle things snap. Repair and rework can start to add up. Little Nicky was a real winner in this area though. And that’s how he got his name.

  • 2 string, wine box guitar, acoustic electric
  • two sound holes with brass covers
  • D-style oak neck, mahogany fingerboard, padauk fret dots, white side fret dots
  • Taylor inspired headstock
  • 762 mm scale length (30 inches)
  • bone nut, floating mahogany saddle with bone bridge
  • Magnetic pickup (4 pole) with brass volume and tone control knob; output jack
  • Open gear nickel bass tuners
  • Solid brass bin pull tailpiece
  • Two strings – .100w and .080w
  • Detailed with: brass corners, brass hinges, brass clasp, brass guitar strap buttons

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