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Welcome to the world of Cigar Box Guitars! Joe Caruso builds instruments from cigar boxes! And when he experiments, craft boxes and cookie tin boxes! His instruments are not only in the hands of experienced musicians who requested custom orders; they are also in the hands of people who never ever expected to be able to play a guitar and are now easily playing rock, blues, and popular songs. Joe feels his greatest accomplishment is not the guitars he has sold, but the people he has enabled to play a musical instrument.

Come again – Easy to Play?

If you can pinch your thumb and pointing finger together, and poke with your fingers, you can play a Cigar Box Guitar (CBG). Easy to play starting chords are provided in the booklet that comes with each of our guitars, plus links to sites which provide free sheet music for many songs. Click here for more info.

Photo Gallery

Here are thumbnails of the instruments Joe has built. Those for sale are shown with a price. Click on the link to see more photos and details on any of the guitars. Check back, this section is updated as new instruments are built.

3 String Guitars

IMG_4528 v2      IMG_0122    IMG_3090-0

       Jennie                              Maggie                                            Lizzie


IMG_2948          IMG_2921

               Minnie                                       Sweet Sue

DSC_0923 edit        Angie

IMG_0456          Anna

4 String Tenor Guitars

brick house v9 crop resize REPAIR        IMG_3873 v2        IMG_5175 ed1  

         Ricky                                 Bobby                                            Slayer



lucy_0053crop     Lucy

Slide Guitars

These guitars have no frets and are to be played with a slide. 

{insert photo of slide didley}

Didley Bo’s – one string cigar box guitars

Yes! Play one string blues on a didley bo!  Again, easily played with a slide. In fact, practice slide on a didley bo before you graduate to a slide guitar

{insert photo of didley1}

Cigar Box Ukuleles


            Da Kine

Famous Musicians Play Cigar Box Guitars

Paul McCartney …. B. B. King…. and a few others. Here are links to photos with our celebrity musicians and their cigar box guitars.

Paul McCartney              B.B. King                     Jimi Hendrix

Bo Diddley                       Johnny Depp              Paul Simon

Ron Wood                        Steven Tyler               Keith Richards    

Jeff Beck      

Yes, we’d like to post the photos but darn! due to copyright restrictions, we can only post the links without getting hassled.           

About Joe Caruso

A former project manager for Fortune 100 International, Canadian and US companies, Joe began building stringed instruments in 2012 after stumbling upon Cigar Box Guitars (CBGs) while researching kits for acoustic guitars.

The sound of his first build, “Jennie”,  was amazing. More CBGs followed, a few didley bows (one string cigar box guitars) and also a cigar box ukulele. Joe is now using the organizational skills he developed in the corporate world to build precision CBGs as efficiently and as cost effective as possible.

Joe also produced an awarding winning video for Toronto’s Vision TV explaining the history and the building of cigar box guitars – “Building Cigar Box Guitars”

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Joe regularly posts short videos that show him building different components of the guitar.

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