Minnie – Simple and Sweet

‘Minnie’ was delivered to a Customer who didn’t get much time with it. After playing a few songs and showing the family how easy it was to play, the young son grabbed the guitar and song sheets and disappeared upstairs to his bedroom.

Minnie represents a simple minimalist build for a CBG. It lends itself to Customer detailing. The box can be left unfinished and the Customer can add their own artwork or finish to the box.

  • 3 string cigar box guitar, acoustic
  • craft box body, mahogany stain finish; polyurethane overspray
  • poplar neck, brass side fret dots
  • 600 mm scale length (23.6 inches)
  • Nut (polystyrene); floating bridge (oak – not glued onto the guitar)
  • Closed chrome gear tuners
  • Poplar tailpiece with brass ferrules
  • Three string – GDG Open Tuning (strings are .044w, .034w, .026w)

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