Maggie with The Magnetic Pickup

Maggie is in hands of somebody who had never played a guitar before. After finding online sheet music of songs he liked, he is now thrilled at what he is able to play. †

  • 3 string cigar box guitar, acoustic electric
  • Monte Cristo cigar box
  • oak neck, mahogany fingerboard, white pearloid fret dots
  • Fender style headstock
  • 660 mm scale length (26 inches)
  • Nut (polystyrene); floating oak bridge
  • acoustic electric magnetic pickup with brass volume and tone control knobs; output jack
  • Open gear brass tuners
  • Solid brass tailpiece
  • Three string – GDG Open Tuning (strings are .044w, .034w, .026w)
  • Detailed with: brass corners, screened brass sound hole covers, brass guitar strap buttons

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