Liona – Classy and Elegant

This 4 string tenor guitar was originally a custom build for myself as a personal guitar. It was eventually donated to the Halton Down Syndrome Association for a fund raising event and found a happy home with a thrilled customer. It seems 4 string instruments are all destined to go out the door! The guitar’s name was suggested by the DJ whose classical radio program I listen to, after I had requested a song performed by Liona Boyd.

  • 4 string acoustic electric
  • Robaina cigar box
  • D style maple neck with mahogany fret board, pearloid fret dots and black side dots
  • f-hole sound holes
  • bone nut and floating oak bridge
  • piezo electric pickup
  • chrome open gear tuners
  • chrome box corners and volume knob
  • brushed chrome tail piece
  • standard tuning D-G-B-E; G open tuning by setting E to D

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