Jennie – Our First CBG

“Jenny” was my first build. Unable to find a cigar box, I used a craft box from Michaels. The sound was quite good, great sustain, I got hooked and kept on building. Why “Jenny”? I was giving thought to giving each guitar a name and happened to be watching “Forrest Gump”, when the old man said to Forrest, “Boat’s gotta have a name, bad luck to have a boat without a name”. Jenny. Jenny is my go to CBG for performing at Farmer’s Markets and other volunteer events.

  • 3 string cigar box guitar, acoustic electric
  • solid wood craft box
  • oak neck, oak fingerboard (stained mahogany), white pearloid fret dots
  • 620 mm scale length (24.4 inches)
  • Nut (polystyrene); floating oak bridge
  • Dual piezo electric pickups with Fender style volume control knob; output jack
  • Closed gear silver tuners
  • Open tailpiece
  • Three string – GDG Open Tuning (strings are .044w, .034w, .026w)
  • Detailed with: brass corners, brass guitar strap buttons, Ovation style sound holes

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