Model 2 – Angie

DSC_0923 edit

  • 3 string cigar box guitar, acoustic electric
  • solid wood ‘Punch’ cigar box
  • oak neck, oak fingerboard (stained mahogany), white pearloid fret dots
  • 620 mm scale length (24.4 inches)
  • Nut (polystyrene); floating bridge (polystyrene – not glued onto the guitar)
  • Piezo electric pickup with brass volume control knob; output jack
  • Open brass tuners
  • Solid brass tailpiece
  • Three string – GDG Open Tuning (strings are .044w, .034w, .026w)
  • Detailed with: brass corners, screened brass sound hole covers, brass guitar strap buttons

This guitar was custom built for my barber Angelo who had never played any instrument in his life. He is having a blast playing this guitar hooked up to his small portable amp! The box itself is unique, since it is not covered by paper on any of the surfaces, only on the edges, which gives it a fantastic sound.

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